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Not an Amy

Neither un ami
Nor an Amy
You are false not frank
Sin, a tra-gig skank

You’re never tender
You always tinder
You are burning for coins
That’s why you open your loins
You’re a quick nibble
For a wick dibble

Bust up quickly
Almost weekly
You are fantastic
A fan of plastic
Your fake bust is bust
Soon one bites the dust

If not this, then that
You act like a twat
Not being autistic
Never mind! artistic
The very next day
You’re up and away

With a Tony in a tony bar
Got there in a fancy car
Ask the prudish crew for a dish
Seemingly noble but crudish
Fake your accent
Not worth a cent
Wanna be posh
Shut up! Gosh!

Right under the table
You quickly get able
Not the Star of David
Short-term raising davit
You beg for his ham
To taste his white jam
But you’re already history
A one-night-stand victory
Now pretend to be Victoria‘n
Like the daughter of DeLorean

About to posh off
Before he push off
Loose cruise to Brooklyn
Lose Bruce in Crooklyn
Harpooning a new Romeo
Here crooning for a new rodeo

Evil serpent fills Adam’s mouth
with a forbidden fruit
He wets drouth, he goes south
You cute brute, he old coot
You shoot for loot, he’s mute
After her countless sad suits
Gets back to her roots and bruits
With her rotten tomatoe
She’s a boughten no-way-hoe
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Geschrieben von Joanna Schreiber [Profil] am 06.12.2020

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